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TSANZ Research Screener Award

The TSANZ Research Screener Award aims to help support TSANZ members in conducting systematic reviews, scoping reviews or other applicable research.

Research Screener is a web application that applies machine learning techniques to semi-automate the research article screening process. The application is trained and tuned for the screening of academic publications for the purpose of systematic reviews.

Research Screener is currently in closed beta trials, and the Thoracic Society is able to provide access to create new projects in Research Screener during their beta trial period. More information about Research Screener can be found here:

TSANZ will award a number of licenses for Research Screener. Each award recipient will receive one license, which will provide access to create one new project in Research Screener, with up to five users per review at standard level use (< 30,000 abstracts per review).

Download Award information and Award application form.


To be eligible for the award the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. A current[1] member of the TSANZ, and
  2. A citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand or be endorsed by the Administering Institution in Australia or New Zealand.[2]

[1] A Financial member of the TSANZ who has obtained the support of a proposer and seconder and has been endorsed by the TSANZ Board.
[2] The application is endorsed by the Administering Institution to have the requisite work visa in place at the time of accepting the successful grant:

  • The applicant will remain employed in Administering Institution for the duration of the funding period;
  • The application is endorsed by the Administering Institution;
  • If the applicant is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, have the requisite work visa in place at the time of accepting the successful grant;
  • The applicant will remain employed in the Administering Institution for the duration of the funding period.


The following conditions apply to this award:

  • The proposed project must be completed within 12 months as access to Research Screener will be provided until the 1st of January 2024.
  • De-identified feedback must be provided to TSANZ regarding the experience of using Research Screener in its beta state at the end of the project for sharing with the developers of Research Screener.
  • Recipients consent to publication of their name and a brief description of their research on the TSANZ website, member communications and TSANZ social media. In addition, a photograph and quote may be requested from the recipient for publication.
  • Research Screener reviewers/users must appropriately cite Research Screener’s use in their relevant publications.
  • Any publications and research output generated using Research Screener must acknowledge the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand.
  • Recipients consent to their details being provided to TSANZ Methodology Working Group.
  • The Administering Institution must ensure it complies with all licencing conditions when using a third-party product to upload abstracts to the Beta Testing site and that it has the legal right to upload abstracts selected for each review. Curtin recommends the Organisation use open access databases and open-source literature managers for the provision and upload of abstracts.

Note: These conditions must be met to remain eligible for future award rounds.


Applicants must email their application, including the completed application cover form, to before midnight AEDT 15th January 2023.

Your application should include:

  1. A proposal clearly stating research questions being addressed in the review, how access to research screener will provide benefit to the planned review, the benefits to the applicant’s career in respiratory health, and feasibility of completing the project within time frame (maximum two A4 pages, plus references).
  2. A track record of the lead applicant (maximum two A4 pages). Include any significant career disruptions in a separate page (maximum one A4 page).

Note: All text must be submitted on A4 pages with a 2cm margin to the top, bottom, left and right. Text must be single line spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font. No columns are permitted.

Selection Criteria

Applications will be assessed by TSANZ members with appropriate experience under the guidance of the TSANZ Research sub-committee.


Weight (%)

Outline of proposed activity and how access to Research Screener will provide benefit to the activity


Track record relevant to opportunity





If you would like to more information on Award Submissions please email Or,

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