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TSANZ and LFA Sukhdev Singh Sohal COPD Research Award

The Sukhdev Singh Sohal COPD Research Award, in honour of the late Sukhdev Singh Sohal aims to support and attract students into COPD research.

This scholarship is funded through donation from the Sohal family and supported through collaboration between the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and Lung Foundation Australia Hope Research Fund.

The recipient of the award will receive a PhD scholarship up to the value of AUD 5000 p.a for a period of up to three years (maximum award total value AUD 15 000). The PhD scholarship will be used to support a research program proposal which may include, but is not limited to, a PhD top-up, professional development, and research consumables. In addition, the recipient will receive a TSANZ student membership for up to three years (valued at $120 p.a).

Applicants are strongly encouraged to engage with the COPD community to facilitate co-design relevant research programs. To engage with the COPD consumer community it is recommended applicants reach out to organisations such as Lung Foundation Australia, or other appropriate consumer focused organisations. TSANZ can help facilitate connections with professional colleagues, service providers and policy makers.

Download Award information and Award application form.


To be eligible for the award the applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. A current[1] member of the TSANZ, and
  2. A professional member of Lung Foundation Australia
  3. A citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand or be endorsed by the Administering Institution in Australia or New Zealand[2]

  4. Enrolled in a PhD program, or able to provide evidence of commencing candidature in the following year.

    [1] A Financial member of the TSANZ who has obtained the support of a proposer and seconder and has been endorsed by the TSANZ Board. Please contact the TSANZ Office to facilitate this process. The Respiratory Nurses SIG would be happy to support the application for membership of anyone eligible to apply for this award.

    [2] The application is endorsed by the Administering Institution to have the requisite work visa in place at the time of accepting the successful grant:
    The applicant will remain employed in Administering Institution for the duration of the funding period;
    The application is endorsed by the Administering Institution;
    If the applicant is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident, have the requisite work visa in place at the time of accepting the successful grant;
    The applicant will remain employed in the Administering Institution for the duration of the funding period.


    The following conditions apply to this award:

    • The PhD Scholarship will be awarded at the end of 2022 or early 2023 to allow the recipient to commence their program of work. The recipient will be publicly recognised at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the 2023 TSANZ. Any changes to enrolment must be managed through the institution including notification to TSANZ.
    • Funding may be used to provide a reasonable top-up to the PhD candidate or support technical staff and/or equipment, and/or consumables involved in establishing or supporting the project. It may also be used to contribute towards the applicant’s professional development or for travel to collaborate, learn, and present outcomes. If additional funding is secured during the project term, the proposed budget may be reallocated subject to approval.
    • The project must be conducted in Australia or New Zealand.
    • A progress report will be submitted at the end of each 12-month period, with a final report provided at the end of the three years. It is expected that this work would result in an abstract submission/s to the TSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting during the period of the award, or in the year following its completion. In addition, the applicant may be invited to submit an abstract and/or present at LFA Hope Research Fund events in the final stages of their PhD.
    • Recipients consent to publication of their name and a brief description of their research on the TSANZ website, member communications and TSANZ social media. In addition, a photograph and quote may be requested from the recipient for publication.
    • The Sohal Family, the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand and Lung Foundation Australia Hope Research Fund must be acknowledged on any outputs from this PhD Scholarship.

     Note: These conditions must be met to remain eligible for future award rounds.


    Publications over the last five years, excluding career disruptions (unlimited pages).Applicants must email their application, including the completed application cover form, to tsanzawards@thoracic.org.au before midnight 13th November 2022.

    Your application should include:

    1. A proposal clearly stating research questions, methodology, analysis, sample size calculation and feasibility of completing the project within time frame (maximum two A4 pages, plus references).
    2. Description of the project in non-specialised language, proposal for any future work of the research, and how your proposal engages with the COPD Community or relates specifically to understanding COPD and improving the lung health (maximum one A4 page maximum).
    3. An outline on how the PhD Scholarship will be spent, including a budget (maximum one A4 page).
    4. A letter detailing institutional support and pledged resources for the applicant and project (maximum one A4 pages).
    5. A track record of the student applicant and track record of the supervisor (maximum two A4 pages each). Include any significant career disruptions supporting eligibility outside the listed criteria in a separate page (maximum one A4 page).
    6. Publications over the last five years, excluding career disruptions (unlimited pages).

    Note: All text must be submitted on A4 pages with a 2cm margin to the top, bottom, left and right. Text must be single line spaced, with size 12 Times New Roman font. No columns are permitted.

    Selection Criteria

    Applications will be assessed by members of the TSANZ Research Committee according to the following criteria:


    Criterion  Weight (%)
    Scientific Quality 40%
    Significance and Innovation 20%
    Engagement with COPD community 20%
    Student and Supervisor Track Record relative to opportunity 20%
    Total 100%


    If you would like to more information on Award Submissions please email tsanzawards@thoracic.org.au. Or,


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