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2024 Award Winners

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2024 Award Winners

TSANZ Research Awards serve to focus research on much-needed areas and support some of Australia’s greatest minds in lung disease research, with the ultimate aim of improving the lives of people affected by lung diseases. We are pleased to support our members careers and ideas through seed funding, feasibility studies, grants in aid, professional development, and travel awards. 

At the TSANZSRS 2024 we presented $400,000 worth of research grants and awards which have been supported by the Society and our partners.

TSANZ would like to congratulate the following Award winners. For information on how to apply for next year’s Awards visit the TSANZ website Research and Awards page.


TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Early Career Ms Ridhima Wadhwa
TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Early CareerMs Jingwen Zhang
TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Mid CareerDr Dennis Thomas
TSANZ Ann Woolcock New Investigator Award WinnerMs Rebecca Watkinson
Ann Woolcock New Investigator Award FinalistsMs Hollie Bendotti, Ms Laura Coleman, Ms Ming Feng, Ms Amber Pillar, Ms Claudia Sim
TSANZ Peter Phelan Research AwardDr Gabriela Martins Costa Gomes
TSANZ Past Presidents Scholarship AwardDr Simone De Luca
TSANZ Robert Pierce Grant-In-Aid for Indigenous Lung HealthA/Prof Rebecca Disler
TSANZ Chiesi Advancing Women in Respiratory Health Award – Early Career Respiratory ProfessionalDr Megan Jensen
TSANZ Chiesi Advancing Women in Respiratory Health Award – Mid-Career Respiratory ProfessionalDr Tracy Leong
Moderna Research Award for Lung Health – Focusing on Respiratory VirusesDr Arwel Jones
Moderna Research Award for Lung Health – Focusing on Respiratory VirusesDr Rhiannon Werder

Boehringer Ingelheim New Zealand Lung Health Travel AwardDr Amy O’Brien
LAM PhD Scholarship, supported by the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, LAM Australia Research Alliance, and the Lung Foundation Australia (LFA) Hope Research FundDr Manav Sharma
The Thoracic Society And National Asthma Council Award (NAC)A/Prof Rachel Peters
Maurice Blackburn Grant-in-Aid for Occupational Health DiseaseDr Elham Hosseini- Beheshti


Funded by Asthma Australia; TSANZ Asthma and Allergy SIG AwardMs Claire O’Sullivan for their presentation “Smokers with asthma/hayfever have lower post-bronchodilator lung function during the pollen season”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Cell, Immunology & Molecular Biology of the Lung SIG AwardDr Sionne Lucas for their presentation “The genetic landscape of familial interstitial lung disease (ILD) is similar to sporadic idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis”
Funded by Chiesi; TSANZ Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease SIG AwardDr Stanley Chan for their presentation “Metormin mitigates cigarette smoking-induced muscle loss: An In vitro study”
Funded by Cystic Fibrosis Australia; TSANZ Cystic Fibrosis SIG AwardDr Elena Schneider-Futschik for their presentation “Fetal drug exposure after maternally administered CFTR modulators Elexacaftor/Tezacaftor/Ivacaftor in a rat model”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; LFA David Serisier Memorial Award for Translational Research in Bronchiectasis

A/Prof Subash Heraganahally for their presentation “Comparison of bronchiectasis disease profile among Aboriginal Australians against published ethnically diverse registries”

Ms Jennifer Phillips for their presentation “Concurrent validity and responsiveness of the bronchiectasis Health Questionnaire”

Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Evidence Based Medicine SIG AwardDr Emily Lawton for their presentation “New Respiratory Rapid Access Service reduces ED presentations and hospital admissions.”
Funded by PulmonX; TSANZ Interventional Pulmonology SIG AwardMs Estee Lau for their presentation “Alteplase dose assessment for pleural infection therapy (ADAPT) study-3: A starting intrapleural dose of 1mg alteplase”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Lung Cancer SIG AwardDr Paul Dawkins for their presentation “Comparison of lung cancer prediction scores for pulmonary nodules identified on baseline CT scan in a lung cancer screening cohort”
Funded by Slater & Gordon; TSANZ Bill Musk Occupational & Environmental Lung Disease SIG AwardMs Dona Wijayasinghe for their presentation “Exposure to occupational dusts and lung diffusion capacity”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Orphan Lung Diseases, Lung Transplant, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Vascular Disease (OLIV) SIG AwardDr Lai-Ying Zhang for their presentation “Cellular Genomics Reveals Insight into Mechanisms of Human Pulmonary Fibrosis”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ ASM Best Poster AwardMs Bianca Iacopetta for their presentation “Preliminary data of the Third PLeural Effusion And Symptom Evaluation (PLEASE-3) Study: Bendopnoea in patients with pleural effusions”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Peter van Asperen Paediatric SIG AwardDr Gloria Lau  for their presentation “Culturally-informed strategies for chronic wet cough in multiple Indigenous communities”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Physiotherapy SIG AwardMs Emma Marshall for their presentation “Comparison of Different Oximetry Devices during Six-Minute Walk Tests”
Funded by Chiesi; TSANZ Primary Care SIG AwardDr Slavica Kochovska for their presentation “Content and honesty of clinical consultations about long-term breathlessness: a cross-sectional, national population study”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; TSANZ John Reid Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep SIG AwardDr Emma Gray for their presentation “Hypercapnia is not excluded by normoxia in neuromuscular disease patients: implications for oximetry.”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; TSANZ Respiratory Infectious Diseases SIG AwardDr Dhammika Leshan Wannigama for their presentation “Novel intranasal phage-CaEDTA therapy effectively treats Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infection”
Funded by Niterra; TSANZ Respiratory Nurses SIG AwardMs Brooke Devenish for their presentation “Environmental Impact of Inhalers Discarded During Acute Respiratory Admissions”
Funded by Kenvue; TSANZ Tobacco and Related Substances SIG AwardMs Andie Thorpe for their presentation “Third hand cigarette vapour exposure causes pulmonary effects in mice.”

2024 TSANZ Awards by Nomination 

TSANZ 2024 President’s Award: A/Prof Michelle Jongenlis

TSANZ 2024 Research Medal: Prof Stephen Stick & Prof Sandra Hodge

TSANZ 50th Anniversary Medal for Education and Training: Prof Gary Lee

TSANZ Society Medal: Dr Graham Simpson 


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