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2022 Award Winners

(Saturday, 2nd April 2022):

This weekend was the Annual Scientific Meeting for The Australia & New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science and The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand, TSANZSRS 2022. This was held in a virtual format, and over the weekend the Respiratory Research Excellence Awards were announced.

Over nine awards almost $150,000 was given out by the Thoracic Society and Lung Foundation Australia and the Centre of Research Excellence in Pulmonary Fibrosis, giving a much-needed investment in lung disease research! There will be more to follow later in the year.

In even more exciting news this year the total TSANZ directly funded awards value has doubled with the Society committing to increase all TSANZ project grants to $25000 and TSANZ professional development grants to $5000. This will enable greater support for research activities for our membership.

The research awards are supported by the generosity of private donations, bequests, and sponsorship and these funded projects leverage additional financing from recipients’ institutions. Thank you to our generous donors, sponsors and organisational partners for enabling our world-class researchers to continue to create respiratory knowledge and build capacity in the respiratory workforce, with the overall goal to prevent, cure and relieve disability from lung disease.

We also had the TSANZ Awards by Nomination announced at the TSANZ Annual General Meeting on Thursday evening. These awards acknowledge exceptional contributions to respiratory health and we offer a massive congratulations to each individual on this prestigious honour.

TSANZ would like to congratulate the following Award winners. For information on how to apply for next year’s Awards visit the TSANZ website Research and Awards page.


TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Early Career Yet H Khor
TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Early CareerRebecca McLoughlin
TSANZ Janet Elder International Travel Award – Early CareerJack Callum
TSANZ Ann Woolcock New Investigator Award WinnerOlivia Carroll
Ann Woolcock New Investigator Award FinalistsDinh Bui, Clair Lake, Katherine Landwehr, Samuel Montgomery, Jagdev Singh
TSANZ Peter Phelan Research AwardOlivia Whalen
TSANZ Past Presidents Scholarship AwardKurtis Budden
TSANZ Robert Pierce Grant-In-Aid for Indigenous Lung HealthSuzanne Munns
TSANZ Boehringer Ingelheim New Zealand COPD Travel AwardWilliam Good
TSANZ Indigenous Respiratory Nursing AwardKaren Baker and Louise Morris
TSANZ Past Presidents Scholarship AwardKurtis Budden
Lung Foundation Australia & CRE-PF CREATE Hope Clinical Fellowship in Pulmonary Fibrosis ResearchIngrid Cox


Funded by Asthma Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: Asthma and Allergy SIG AwardN. Sabrina Idrose for their presentation “Food-allergic children have lower lung function on high pollen days”
Funded by the National Asthma Council Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: Asthma and Allergy SIG AwardClaire O’Sullivan for their presentation “Targeting peripheral airway dysfunction with small particle bronchodilator in asthma”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Cell, Immunology & Molecular Biology of the Lung SIG AwardRashad Mahbub for their presentation “Inhaled corticosteroids induce DNA methylation near glucocorticoid receptor in asthmatics”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease SIG AwardArijeet Pal for their presentation “Indigenous patient perspectives of COPD in the Northern Territory”
Funded by Cystic Fibrosis Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: Joint Cystic Fibrosis SIG and Physiotherapy SIG AwardChristine Duplancic for their presentation “Non-tuberculous mycobacteria in Australians with cystic fibrosis: A national survey”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; LFA Dr David Serisier Memorial Award for Bronchiectasis ResearchWilliam Good for their presentation “The role of a sublingual bacterial vaccine in bronchiectasis”
Funded by Asthma Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: Joint Evidence Based Medicine SIG and Physiotherapy SIG AwardDennis Thomas for their presentation “Effect of maintenance macrolide antibiotics withdrawal in obstructive airway diseases”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Interventional Pulmonology SIG AwardKirstin Tirant for their presentation “Digital health to extend Victoria’s first specialised pleural service”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Lung Cancer SIG AwardFraser Brims for their presentation “Lung cancer screening in the Western Australian Asbestos Review Program”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Occupational and Environmental Lung Disease SIG AwardGraeme Zosky for their presentation “Associations between coal chemistry and the lung inflammatory cell response”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Orphan Lung Diseases, Lung Transplant, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Vascular Disease (OLIV) SIG AwardHayley Barnes for their presentation “Clinical utility of a standardised hypersensitivity pneumonitis exposure questionnaire”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Joint Nutrition SIG and Symptom Support and Palliative Care SIG AwardXinye (Esther) Chen for their presentation “Careful long-term opioid prescription may safely relieve chronic breathlessness”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Peter van Asperen Paediatric SIG AwardEdiane De Queiroz for their presentation “Lung function in infants whose mothers smoked during pregnancy”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Joint Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease SIG and Physiotherapy SIG AwardSonia Cheng for their presentation “Behavioural intervention improves physical activity in ‘sedentary’ people with COPD”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Primary Care SIG AwardLisa Pagano for their presentation “The Effects of a Brief Physiotherapist-led Intervention in Primary Care on Physical Activity Levels in People with COPD”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: John Reid Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep SIG AwardElizabeth Smith for their presentation “Childhood re-admission following preterm birth predicts respiratory morbidity at 19-years”
Funded by Lung Foundation Australia; TSANZ Oral Session: Respiratory Infectious Diseases SIG AwardKatie Daly for their presentation “Histone Deacetylase-6 promotes protective antiviral responses during influenza A infection”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Respiratory Nurses SIG AwardSheree Smith for their presentation “Response shift in COPD patients undertaking pulmonary rehabilitation”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZ Oral Session: Tobacco and Related Substances SIG AwardAlexander Larcombe for their presentation “Chemical analysis of fresh and aged Australian e-cigarette liquids”
Funded by TSANZ; TSANZSRS ASM 2022 Best PosterCarolyn Wang for their presentation “Characterisation of airway-associated adipose tissue distribution, composition and activity”

2022 TSANZ Awards by Nomination


TSANZ 2022 President’s Award: Maurice Swanson OAM

TSANZ 50th Anniversary Medal for Education and Training: Professor Vanessa McDonald

TSANZ Research Medal: Professor Claire Wainwright

TSANZ Society Medal: Professor John Wheatley


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