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Top lung health bodies raise much needed funds but more investment needed

(Thursday, 8th April 2019): Over a million dollars in lung research investment was announced over the weekend at the Respiratory Research Excellence Awards at the Australia and New Zealand Annual Scientific Meeting for Leaders in Lung Health & Respiratory Science (TSANZSRS19) on the Gold Coast. The conference brings together Australia and New Zealand’s leading lung health experts to present latest research and improve knowledge and understanding of lung disease.

The Research Excellence Awards, run for the second year by Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) – the hosts of the conference – alongside the Lung Foundation, Cystic Fibrosis Australia and the National Asthma Council of Australia, provides over 40 researchers with support in the form of project funding, fellowships and travel grants raised through private donations, sponsorship and leveraged financing from recipients’ institutions.

“We’re honoured to be able to support some of Australia’s greatest minds in lung disease research; research that’s making a difference to the lives of the 1 in 4 Australians with lung disease,” said TSANZ President Elect Professor Bruce Thompson.

“This funding enables our researchers to build respiratory knowledge and capacity in the respiratory workforce, with the overall goal of preventing, curing and alleviating disability from lung disease. Every dollar invested takes us one step closer to reaching that goal,” he said.

Despite the success of the Awards, the organisers warn that lung disease research is still grossly underfunded when compared to other diseases. Far more investment is required, they say.

“It’s important to recognise the exceedingly hard work that our organisations are putting in to raising the profile of respiratory research, and to express our thanks for the contribution of donors, sponsors and institutions This is only our second year and look at what we’ve achieved,” said TSANZ CEO Tanya Buchanan.

“However, fundraising alone is not the way to manage diseases affecting a quarter of Australians. Lung disease has to attract the same level of research funding enjoyed by other disease areas such as breast, prostate, and heart disease. We look forward to seeing if the implementation of the National Strategic Action Plan for Lung Conditions delivers this,” she said.


TSANZ would like to congratulate the following Award winners. For information on how to apply for next year’s Awards visit the TSANZ website Research and Awards page.

Society MedalProfessor Helen Reddel
Research MedalProfessor Philip Hansbro
Laennec MedalProfessor Allan R Glanville
Ann Woolcock New Investigator AwardJesse Armitage
Best training VideoElizabeth Salamon, Selena West, Ursula Swan, Sandra Daly
CSL Behring TSANZ / LFA Alpha-1 Anti-trypsin Deficiency Research AwardGang Liu
Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust Innovation GrantGerard Kaiko, Peter Wark, Shafagh Water, and Adam Jaffe
TSANZ and National Asthma Council Australia Asthma and Airways Career Development FellowshipKimberly Wang
Boehringer Ingelheim COPD Research Award 2019Tatt Jhong Haw
Maurice Blackburn Grant-in-Aid for Occupational Lung DiseaseJane Bourke and Ryan Hoy
Boston Scientific Research Award for Interventional PulmonologySanjeevan Muruganandan
Vertex Cystic Fibrosis Research Awards

ECFS: Elena Schneider-Futschik

NACFC: Rebecca Stockwell

TSANZ Peter Phelan Research AwardElena Schneider-Futschik
TSANZ Rob Pierce Grant-In-Aid for Indigenous Lung HealthGabrielle McCallum
TSANZ / Boehringer Ingelheim Australia COPD Travel AwardAlen Faiz
TSANZ / Boehringer Ingelheim New Zealand COPD Travel AwardEskandarain Shafuddin
TSANZ/JRS Early Career Development AwardJemma Seyfang
Janet Elder International Travel Awards

Mid-Career Award Recipient: Kimberley Wang

Early Career Award Recipient 1: Vikas Goyal

Early Career Award Recipient 2: Yet H Khor

TSANZ Respiratory Nurse Career Development Award for Indigenous Research

Betty Poot

Christine Sullivan

Maurice Blackburn ASM Travel AwardLeona Dowman
Shine a light a lung cancer PhD 2019Kanishka Rangamuwa
David Wilson PhD Scholarship in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis Research 2019Archana Gaikwad
Shine a light on lung cancer grant-in-aidSurein Arulananda
Lung Foundation Australia/ Eleanor Greenwood Memorial Grant in Aid for Interstitial Lung Disease ResearchYet Hong Khor
Lung Foundation Australia /Lizotte Family Research Award for Interstitial PF ResearchLeona Dowman
Lung Foundation Australia /Ludwig Engel GIA for Physiological researchKatrina Tonga
Lung Foundation Australia /Ivan Cash Research GIA – IPFAdelle Jee
Lung Foundation Australia /CochraneJenifer Liang
Shine a light on lung cancer nursing/allied health fellowship in lung cancer researchVanessa Brunelli
Lung Foundation Australia Travel Awards: Menarini Travel Grants

ERS – Hannah O’Farrell and Jack Bozier

ATS – Thomas Altree and Razia Zakarya

APSR – Leanne Ross and Hai Bac Tran

Lung Foundation Australia/Eleanor Greenwood Memorial ILD Travel Grant

Cecilia Prele

Michael Schuliga

Jade Jaffar


Supported by TSANZ

Cell, Immunology and Molecular Biology: Dhammika Leshan

Evidence-based Medicine and Practice: Yet Hong Khor

Peter van Asperen Paediatric: Kiara Sclip

Physiotherapy: Jamie Wood

Respiratory Infectious Disease: Benjamin Diggins

Tobacco: Henry Gomez

Supported by Asthma Australia

Asthma & Allergy: Teresa Williams

Supported by National Asthma Council

Asthma & Allergy : Cherry Thompson

Supported by Lung Foundation Australia

Pulmonary Physiology and Sleep, John Reid Prize: Graeme Zosky

David Serisier Memorial Award for Translational Research in Bronchiectasis: Su Wei Khung

Supported by Cystic Fibrosis Australia

Cystic Fibrosis: Elena Schneider-Futschik

Supported by Maurice Blackburn

Lung Cancer: Lara Edbrooke

Occ Env Lung Disease / Population Health: Edward Harris

Palliative Care and Symptom Support: Thomas Moran

Supported by Carroll & O’Dea

Interventional Pulmonology and Bronchoscopy: Deirdre Fitzgerald

Supported by Boehringer Ingelheim

Orphan Lung Diseases, Lung Transplant, Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Jemma Seyfang

Primary Care: Mary Roberts

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Sonia Cheng

Respiratory Nurses: Jane Neil

TSANZ Best Poster: Kris Nilsen: A new tool to monitor disease in IPF


TSANZ would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the following New Fellows for 2019:

  • Prof Anne Holland
  • Dr Denise O’Driscoll
  • Dr Jane Bourke
  • A/Prof Jeff Garrett
  • Prof Paul Foster
  • Prof Peter Eastwood
  • Prof Sandra Hodge


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