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Your Questions Answered

Q. Do I need to be a member to apply for a TSANZ award?

Yes, being a member of the Thoracic Society is an eligibility criteria for all TSANZ awards. You must be an endorsed member for your application to be accepted. Click here to become a member.

Q. Do the TSANZ Grants cover indirect costs?

Indirect costs include support facilities such as building maintenance, electricity, gas and water, personnel services (not including staff).

TSANZ awards do not cover indirect costs.

Q. Can I submit my application after the due date?

No, in the interest of fairness, late award applications will not be considered. If you have an exceptional circumstance which precludes you meeting the TSANZ deadlines please contact us prior to the closing date at

TSANZ Award Rules

  1. Applicants must be current members of the TSANZ[1].
    Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand.
  2. All research must be conducted in Australian or New Zealand Institutions.
  3. For each round of awards, a recipient may win a maximum of one award per category;
    Personal career support (Career Development/Travel fellowship/Abstract-linked)
    Project support (Grant-in-Aid/Seed Grant)
  4. Individuals may only receive each unique TSANZ award once.
  5. Recipients must not have had any relationship or links with the tobacco Industry in the past 5 years
  6. Award applications will not be accepted after the due date unless approval from the TSANZ Research Committee Chair has been granted prior to the close date, or in cases of exceptional circumstances.

TSANZ Award Conditions

  1. Award funds must be drawn within twelve months of receiving the award.
  2. TSANZ awards do not support indirect costs of research, such as building maintenance, electricity, gas and water, personnel services (not including staff).
  3. A maximum of three ASM Travel Awards may be received.
  4. Any publications and research output from this award must acknowledge the source of funding source (i.e TSANZ and the award sponsor).
  5. Final reports are required at the conclusion of each award.
  6. Progress reports for fellowships are required every 6 months by the TSANZ.
  7. An applicant must not hold another fellowship[2] at the time of commencement of a TSANZ fellowship.
  8. For fellowships, each year’s stipend should be drawn within 12 months of the Fellowship being taken up.
  9. Research funding by the award will be presented at an appropriate session at the TSANZ ASM.
  10. If fellowships are considered by TSANZ to not be used for its intended purpose, they may be revoked.
  11. All award conditions must be met to remain eligible for future award rounds.
  12. Track record will be assessed relative to opportunity
  13. Career stages are defined as follows:
  • Mid-career: Ten years’ post PHD and not more than 2yr A/Prof.
  • ECR: Up to 5 years’ post PHD.

Award review: All awards will be reviewed by independent, established researchers and experts in their fields, who have been endorsed by the TSANZ board as members of the TSANZ Research Subcommittee (RSC). Members of the RSC will declare and resolve and conflicts of interests with applicants, supervisors and institutions before taking on award reviews. Reviewers will be sought from a balanced background of basic and clinical science.

[1] A financial member of the TSANZ who has obtained the support of a proposer and seconder, and has been endorsed by the TSANZ Board.

[2] Fellowship is defined as funding for the recipient’s salary that is competitively granted and external to their own institution.


For information or further questions regarding TSANZ grants, fellowships and awards, please contact us at:


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