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Renewing your membership is easy

TSANZ’s membership year runs from 1 January to 31 December. As such, membership renewals are due by 31st December. Under the TSANZ Ltd Constitution, a member’s membership is suspended if the member fails to pay an annual Subscription:

a. Within thirty (30) days after it falls due; and

b. Then fails to rectify this default within twenty (28) days of being notified of the default by the Company.

Reminder letters are being sent to members via e-mail to inform them of membership fees due. Failure to renew the membership within the time allotted will suspend the member’s membership.

If a member’s membership is suspended and wishes to reinstate his/her membership, request to be sent to

If you wish to request a change in your membership category,  please contact the Membership Officer with via Please note that additional information may be requested.


For enquiries regarding Membership, please email Or,

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