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Step by step guide to membership

Your membership application may take up to two months to be finalised as your application needs to be endorsed by the TSANZ Board:

  • TSANZ Board meetings are held approximately every two months. All of the following steps must be completed by two weeks before the board meeting dates. The dates for this year are: 24th February, 24th March, 28th April, 23rd June, 25th August, 27th October and 8th December.

Complete the registration and payment online

Select the registration link for your requested region:

Complete the authorisation and declaration form

Download the authorisation form here.

  • Authorisation and declaration form needs to be completed and signed by a Proposer and a Seconder
  • Only Ordinary Members of TSANZ (currently financial) are eligible to be the Proposer and the Seconder
  • If you are not in a position to obtain two Ordinary members to nominate and second your application, then an email enquiry, along with a copy of your CV should be sent to TSANZ Office via email
  • The completed form is to be returned to TSANZ Office via email

Provide supporting evidence

  • Supporting evidence needs to be provided if you are applying for membership category Ordinary Income below AUD$125,000/p.a or Student membership
  • Applicants for membership category Ordinary Income below AUD$125,000/p.a need to provide a copy of document that confirms the annual income (payslip or contract)
  • Applicants for membership category Students need to provide a copy of document that confirms current enrolment as a full-time student
  • The evidence and the completed authorisation and declaration form are to be returned to TSANZ Office via email

Partner Organisations

Once your membership has been approved you are able to advantage of our joint membership offers with partner organisations ERS, WABIP and LFA.

Note: You need to log-in or sign-up with TSANZ to access these offers.

To access the membership discounts to ANZSRS, you will need to contact their respective membership offices with your TSANZ member number and payment receipt.


For enquiries regarding Membership, please email Or,

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