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TSANZ has a range of Operational Policies that are approved by the Board. The policies on this page apply to staff and members of the Society.

If you have any enquiries on any of these policies, please contact TSANZ Office:

Phone: +61 2 9222 6200

Branch Manual

TSANZ Clinical Document Development Process, Publications and Endorsement Policy

Code of Conduct

Investment Policy

Member Refund and Cancellation Policy

Policy on Endorsement of Training Courses and Resources

Research Strategy

SIG Guideline for Finance and Event Management

Sponsorship Policy

Complete List of Fees

Policy on Reinstating Suspended Memberships

Under the TSANZ Ltd Constitution, as amended, a member’s membership is suspended if the member fails to pay an annual Subscription:

a. Within thirty (30) days after it falls due; and

b. Then fails to rectify this default within twenty (28) days of being notified of the default by the Company.

If after being sent reminder letters and the member’s membership is suspended due to the member’s failure to pay the annual subscription, such member may later on request to reinstate his/her membership after paying the current year’s membership fee plus an administration fee, where applicable.

On 5th February 2016, the Board resolved to remove the $50 administration fee for reinstating suspended memberships. Previous members would only need to pay for the current year’s membership fee to be reinstated.

Social Media Policy

Guidance for Use of the TSANZ Logo

Conflict of Interest Policy

Work Health and Safety Policy

Privacy Policy

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