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Membership Benefits

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

You can now elect to be a member of up to 18 of TSANZ’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) at no cost. As a SIG member you are part of a group of specialists furthering the development of new knowledge and practice in common disease areas, public health and research. TSANZ SIGs cover a range of topics within respiratory health and science.

European Respiratory Society (ERS)

TSANZ members now have the option of adding ERS membership when they renew their TSANZ membership. The additional cost for ERS membership is $50 and gives members access to the following benefits:

  • Electronic access to the following journals: the European Respiratory Journal (ERJ) including ERS Congress Abstracts and proceedings supplements of the ERJ, European respiratory Review (ERR), Breathe and the Monograph;
  • Discounted registration to the ERS International congress;
  • Opportunity to participate at the scientific program of the annual congress of the ERS;
  • Preferred access to ERS Educational Services online and Events;
  • Opportunity to participate and vote in the constitutional meetings of the ERS;
  • Opportunity to become a candidate for elections of ERS Assemblies up to Assembly Head;
  • Opportunity to become a candidate for elections of the Executive Committee up to ERS Presidency;
  • Opportunity to apply for the prestigious academic distinction of “Fellow of the ERS” (FERS);
  • Funding for fellowships and award opportunities at different career stages;
  • Early Career Member opportunities and representation, along with the chance to network;
  • Be part of the work with contributing one’s expertise in the ERS Competence List.

ERS-TSANZ Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits do I get from joining ERS through my National/Regional Society?

If you join ERS through your National/Regional Society, you will receive the full benefits of being an ERS member at a reduced annual membership fee of AUD$50.00

If I am already a member of ERS, will I need new login details to access ERS material?
No. Your previous existing login details will remain valid.
I discovered that I have two ERS accounts, what should I do?

Having multiple accounts in myERS creates technical and login issues. If you discover that you have two or more accounts, please contact the membership team via

Do I have to pay for the new membership?

If you are not yet a member of ERS, the following fees apply:

  • Member under 65 years of age: AUD$35.00 per year
  • Member aged over 65 years of age: $0.00 per year (complimentary annual membership)

To sign up for ERS via TSANZ, please log into your member portal and click on ‘My Partner Memberships’

Printed Journals – Why can I no longer receive printed journals?

The ERS made the decision to stop printing and mailing copies of ERJ, ERR and Breathe earlier this year and came into effect in January 2020. Over the years, it has become clear that continuing to print and mail a limited circulation of journals when the online versions are so highly accessed and visible across the world no longer seems like a sensible use of resources. It also becomes increasingly hard to justify this when ERS advocates for clean air for all, and we need to be seen to be taking positive action where it is possible to do so for our activities.
Despite this change, your membership package still comprises online access to the ERS publications, in addition to the ability to access a large range of e-learning materials and obtain substantial discounts on scientific events, such as attendance of the ERS Congress.

How will my current membership with the National/Regional society change?
You will have access to ERS membership benefits in addition to unchanged access to your National/Regional’s Society membership benefits.
How do I join an ERS assembly or working group?

The ERS community comprises Assemblies and Groups that specialise in specific areas of respiratory medicine and set the scientific and educational agenda across all ERS activities. ERS has 11 Assemblies, divided into groups, which members can choose to become affiliated with.
When you first log in to the MyERS portal, you can join up to 3 groups of interest: the first one is your main group where you can exercise your voting rights and the second and third choice groups allow you to keep up to date with this professional interest area via mailings relevant to this topic. To find out more about your ERS membership and ERS activities, please visit:

How can I update my contact details and check my membership status?

 You can update your contact details and check your membership whenever needed through the MyERS portal. Alternatively if you experience any issues with the system you can contact the ERS Membership team at 

I’m under 40, why am I getting prompted to pay the full membership price and not the free silver membership option?
The free silver under 40 membership category, is only available to individuals who are NOT eligible for membership through one of our partner societies. If you are being prompted for the full gold membership, it means that you are eligible for membership from one of society partners.
I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

You can request your login information here.

Lung Foundation Australia (LFA)

Lung Foundation Australia is the only national charity acting as a first port of call for anyone affected by lung disease. TSANZ has partnered with LFA on the Lungs for Life research program. When you sign up or renew your TSANZ membership you will have the opportunity to add on a LFA Clinical membership for $90.00, with $10.00 of your fee being directed to the Lungs for Life Research program. When you also join LFA you will receive:

  • Annual subscription to electronic Inspired Living Magazine;
  • Eligibility to apply for Research Awards sponsored by Lung Foundation Australia;
  • Access to members’ discount on the biennial Australian Lung Cancer Conference delegate rate;
  • Access to members’ discount in the biennial Australian Rare Lung Disease Short Course;
  • Eligibility to vote at the Annual General Meetings of Lung Foundation Australia;
  • A member logo to use on letterhead, website and in your practice to promote your membership and commitment to lung health in Australia.

World Association for Bronchology & Interventional Pulmonology (WABIP)

TSANZ members with an interest in Interventional Pulmonology may wish to opt into WAPIB membership when they renew their TSANZ membership. The additional cost of $8.00 gives members access to the following benefits:

  • Reduced registration fees for regional and national workshops and education seminars sponsored in part or in whole by the WABIP;
  • Reduced journal subscription rates to Respiration and the Journal of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology;
  • Email subscriptions to the official WABIP Newsletter and other educational resources;
  • Reduced registration fee for WABIP’s biennial meeting, the World Congress of Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WCBIP).

Australia and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science (ANZSRS)

TSANZ members who are also members of ANZSRS receive a 25% reduction in their TSANZ fees.

To take up the TSANZ-ANZSRS discounted membership offer, please contact the ANZSRS Membership Office with your TSANZ member number and payment receipt.


TSANZ Communications

In addition to TSANZ E-news, Research Roundup and Policy & Advocacy, the TSANZ also issues members’ only communications to help keeping members informed of important news, events, resources and opportunities relevant to members.


Branch Meetings

Australia and NZ have branches that support the work of TSANZ on a local level. Most TSANZ branches schedule a minimum of four meetings per year, including a branch Annual Scientific Meeting where research and clinical practice achievements can be shared. Awards to support research on a state level are also available in most branches. Some of these events are members only whilst others offer preferential or discounted access to TSANZ members.


Annual Scientific Meeting

Discounted registration to the TSANZ Annual Scientific Meetings.


Awards and Grants

TSANZ has a range of research and career development awards available each year. TSANZ members can apply to access over $1 million of research and career development funding opportunities through awards, grants and fellowships. Successful applicants are announced at the TSANZ Annual Scientific Meeting.


TSANZ Fellowship

Current TSANZ Ordinary members who have retained uninterrupted TSANZ membership for five years have the opportunity to apply for the distinguished title of “Fellow of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand” (FThorSoc).


Jobs and Scholarships

TSANZ members will get notified of job, internship and scholarship opportunities in respiratory health. Members can also advertise these vacancies on TSANZ website and newsletter for free.


Advertising Surveys and Research Projects

TSANZ members are offered free advertising of surveys and research projects in the TSANZ Research Roundup.



For enquiries regarding Membership, please email Or,

Become part of a network of professionals working in respiratory and lung health clinical care and treatment, research, health promotion and advocacy.

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