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Fellow of Thoracic Society Australia New Zealand (FThorSoc)

Nominations for 2023 close on Monday 7th November 2022.


The TSANZ Board has made available a Fellow status for members who demonstrate exceptional contribution to the field of respiratory health in Australia or New Zealand. This opportunity is open to members of all professions. If the Fellow status is approved, the member will be able to use the post nominal FThorSoc and will be able to continue to do so whilst a financial member of TSANZ.

Members can apply to become a Fellow of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand anytime throughout the year.

The aim of awarding Fellow status is:

  1. To recognise expertise and experience in respiratory medicine and/or research and/or respiratory health service provision;
  2. To acknowledge a major contribution and commitment to advancing respiratory health in Australia and/ or New Zealand.

Requirements for Awarding of FThorSoc

TSANZ members may apply to become a Fellow of the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (FThorSoc) if they meet the following criteria and the application is endorsed by the TSANZ Board:

  1. A continuous financial member of TSANZ for five consecutive years in Australia and/or New Zealand as well as a minimum of ten years post-specialist qualification
  2. Contribution to advocacy and/or policy development
  3. Service within the community
  4. Distinguished leadership
  5. Contribution to research
  6. Contribution to teaching or training
  7. International recognition in his or her discipline.

Please Note:

  • Applicants need to demonstrate exceptional contributions to 5 out of the 7 criteria listed above.
  • For the remaining 2 criteria, the applicant must demonstrate a proven track record.
  • For criterion 1, applicants from a nursing, allied health or clinical scientist background would need to provide evidence of at least 10 years of independent practice in their chosen profession within the area of respiratory and /or sleep medicine.
  • The TSANZ Professional Standards Sub-Committee (PSS) of the Board will assess eligibility in the review of applications and their ruling of eligibility will be final. For applicants seeking clarification the TSANZ encourages proactive engagement with the TSANZ Office and if required PSS will be asked to review and rule on eligibility in advance of the application deadline.
FThorSoc Certificate

2022 New Fellows:

Shyamali Dharmage
Rebecca Disler
Ronald Grunstein
Christian Osadnik
Betty Poot
Philip Robinson
Hiran Selvadurai
Daniel Steinfort
Deborah Yates

Application and Adjudication of FThorSoc Nominees

  • There is no fee charged for an application for the award of the FThorSoc.
  • In addition to the applicant details and CV, two professional references attesting to the applicant’s commitment to respiratory medicine and evidence of work and achievements in the criteria above are required.
  • All applications are strictly confidential.
  • Applications will be submitted to the TSANZ office and reviewed by the TSANZ Professional Standards Sub-Committee (PSS) of the Board.
  • Deadlines will be strictly adhered to.
  • If the decision of the committee is to grant the award, the Chair of the PSS will submit the nomination to the TSANZ Board for review and ratification.

Awarding of the FThorSoc

  • All FThorSoc recipients will be announced at the TSANZ Annual General Meeting (AGM) each year, published in the minutes of the AGM and in the annual report.
  • A certificate will be mailed to the successful applicants after the AGM.
  • Once a person has become a Fellow of TSANZ, the TSANZ membership fees will still need to be paid as per the member’s existing status e.g. Ordinary or Associate.
  • Only Emeritus and Honorary members of TSANZ are not required to pay membership fees.

2023 Nominations

Please submit the completed application form, two referee reports and your CV (CV no more than 10 pages) in a single PDF file to TSANZOffice@thoracic.org.au by 12pm AEDT Monday 7th November 2022.

TSANZ Fellows

The following individuals have been nominated by their peers, recommended to the Board by the Professional Standards Sub-Committee and formally recognised by the Board for their exceptional contributions to respiratory health in Australia and New Zealand.


Robert Edwards


Anthony Breslin

Christine Jenkins

David Langton

David Serisier

Gary Anderson

Graham Simpson

Jo Douglass

John Armstrong

Martin Phillips

Paul Reynolds

Peter Frith

Peter Sly

Peter Van Asperen

Philip Thompson


Adam Jaffe

Anne Chang

Graham Hall

Haydn Walters

Ian Yang

Jennifer Alison

John Upham

Peter Gibson

Peter Middleton

Robyn O’Hehir


Christine McDonald

Kwun Fong


Abe Rubinfeld

David Fielding

Hubertus Jersmann

Matthew Peters

Peter Wark

Philip Hansbro

Scott Bell

Vanessa McDonald


Bruce Thompson

Christopher Worsnop

Jodie Simpson

John Kolbe

Louis Irving

Maureen Swanney

Simon Bowler


Anne Holland

Denise O’Driscoll

Jane Bourke

Jeff Garrett

Paul Foster

Peter Eastwood

Sandra Hodge


Richard Beasley
Ross Vlahos
Margaret Wilsher


Iven Young
Michael Abramson
Peter Cistulli
Phan Nguyen
Sarath Ranganathan
Smita Shah


If you would like more information on TSANZ Fellowship, please call +61 2 9222 6204 or email TSANZOffice@thoracic.org.au


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