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The successful delivery and sustainability of this program is dependent upon volunteer Laboratory Accreditation Assessors. Assessors are Respiratory Specialists and Scientists who commit their time and expertise to the Accreditation Program. They are required to assess laboratories against the standards and to provide recommendations to laboratories on their service.

There are many benefits to becoming a Laboratory Accreditation Assessor, including professional development, networking and capacity building across services.

Laboratory Assessor Criteria

Prior to being invited to join the pool of volunteer TSANZ Respiratory Laboratory Assessors, the following criteria must be satisfied:

  1. Current (or extensive previous) experience working in a respiratory function laboratory in Australia or New Zealand for a minimum of five (5) years.
  2. Minimum two (2) years previous experience working in a TSANZ accredited laboratory. (Note that TSANZ Laboratory Accreditation must have been valid at the time the applicant was working at the laboratory).
  3. Demonstrated interest in and commitment to respiratory function laboratory accreditation.
  4. Minimum of five (5) years of clinical experience as a qualified professional.
  5. Scientists must hold the CRFS qualification.
  6. Membership of TSANZ and/or ANZSRS.
  7. Requirement to participate in a TSANZ Assessor Development Program.
  8. Willingness to participate in minimum of one laboratory assessment every 12 to 18 months, following completion of the initial training.

An application form should be completed by the applicant, and forwarded to the TSANZ Office, together with a current Curriculum Vitae (CV). Applications will be forwarded to the Chair of the Laboratory Accreditation and Quality Committee (LAQC) for approval. Feedback to applicants will normally be provided within 4 weeks of receipt of the application. The LAQC may request that the applicant provide referees to support assessment of their suitability for this role.

Once approved, applicants will be invited to attend the next training session for new assessors. On occasion, the LAQC may request that new applicants join an assessor panel before completion of the initial training for new assessors.

Download the Application Form here and email the completed form and your CV to the TSANZ Office at email: Labaccreditation@thoracic.org.au.

Laboratory Assessor Development Program

TSANZ is committed to providing appropriate initial training and ongoing support to laboratory assessors. The Laboratory Assessor Development Program consists of the following:

  • One day face-to-face initial training for new assessors, scheduled in conjunction with the ASM. Participation in the training is free for selected personnel.
  • The LAQC has developed a virtual training program to supplement the initial training for new assessors until a face-to-face session can be attended.
  • Update sessions (approx. 2-3hrs) covering new / changed program requirements, offered as required, by telephone or videoconference.
  • Appointment of new assessors with experienced assessors for minimum of first panel appointment.
  • Availability of LAQC members to support all ongoing accreditation panels, and availability of LAQC members to discuss issues with individual assessors or appointed panels.

The training for new Assessors will normally include an overview of the benefits of accreditation, best practice in auditing and report writing, and comprehensive review of the TSANZ Respiratory Laboratory Accreditation Program. TSANZ aims to schedule this training in conjunction with the ASM. Once scheduled, details will be listed on the TSANZ National Events Page of the website.


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