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TSANZ documents published on this website are regarded as best practice. On occasions there may be reason for a diversion from these Guidelines for reasons which are peculiar to a particular case or circumstance.

TSANZ develops key publications through the expertise of it’s Clinical Care and Resources Sub-Committee, and in collaboration with external organisations. Documents include clinical guidelines and position papers. Endorsement by the Thoracic Society and use of the TSANZ logo on documents requires that the TSANZ be involved in the development of the position paper or clinical guidelines.

Latest releases

Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand position statement: The safe clinical use of sputum induction for bio-sampling of the lower airways in children and adults

Treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and progressive pulmonary fibrosis: A position statement from the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand 2023 revision

John A. Mackintosh, Gregory Keir, Lauren K. Troy, Anne E. Holland, Christopher Grainge, Daniel C. Chambers, Debra Sandford, Helen E. Jo, Ian Glaspole, Margaret Wilsher, Nicole S. L. Goh, Paul N. Reynolds, Sally Chapman, Steven E. Mutsaers, Sally de Boer, Susanne Webster, Yuben Moodley, Tamera J. Corte 


Development pathway for TSANZ documents

TSANZ has developed a process whereby a guideline or position papers is produced. This process must be followed by every individual or organisation seeking to publish a document in collaboration with TSANZ or when requesting endorsement from TSANZ Board.
For information about this process please see the TSANZ Publication Policy.

TSANZ endorsement of external documents

TSANZ Endorsement is reserved for documents of the highest standard, that clearly address a need and in most instances, address issues relevant to all Australian states and New Zealand.
The CCRS should be involved at an early stage in the process of the development of any document that the authors may later wish to have endorsed. This serves to ensure that the document is appropriate for the needs of TSANZ, prevents duplication of processes, and makes the final approval process easier and quicker.

Related policies and forms

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Proposal for a New Clinical Document

TSANZ Conflict of Interest Policy

TSANZ Authors and Reviewers Confidentiality Agreement

TSANZ Conflict of Interest form for Authors & Reviewers

Revised TSANZ Document Development FAQ 2024

If you require further information, please refer your enquiries to or ring +61 2 9222 6206


Guideline: Recommendations of care, based on a systematic review of available evidence, to foster best clinical practise and promote consistency and equity of care.

Position paper: Report outlining the Thoracic Society’s attitude towards a specific disease, technique, agent, or issue.

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