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The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand

The Central Office of TSANZ is located in the heart of Sydney, and is staffed by a small team of passionate and capable staff members. Together, the staff oversee much of the behind-the-scenes operation of the Society, and are responsible for the events, advocacy, rules and compliance, governance and structure, research projects, awards and grants, partnerships and business development, laboratory accreditation, social media, membership engagement, and the educational courses and webinars that TSANZ provides.

Below are the profiles of the Central Office staff, we hope you enjoy meeting the team!

<h4>DR GRAHAM HALL</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BAppSci, PhD, CRFS, FANZSRS, FERS</span></h4>



Contact Number: +61 439 692 870
Email: ceo@thoracic.org.au
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Dr. Graham Hall is an internationally recognised respiratory physiologist and was a Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Curtin University and held an adjunct position at the Centre for Child Health Research, University of Western Australia. Graham completed his PhD at the Telethon Kids Institute in late 1999 before working in the University Children’s Hospitals in Zurich and Bern in Switzerland.

Graham brings great experience and knowledge, including an impressive 20 years working in lung health. He has worked as the Deputy Director and Co-Head of Children’s Lung Health at one of the largest and most successful medical research institutes in Australia, Telethon Kids Institute. Over the course of his career, Graham has established an international reputation in paediatric respiratory science and has contributed to both research and policy development.

With his passion for making a difference in the respiratory health space, Graham inspires colleagues and is a natural leader. His ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of people and his commitment to supporting the professional development of all those engaged in respiratory health ensure that under Graham’s leadership, TSANZ will continue to be responsive to servicing the educational, professional community, advocacy and other needs of its members.

<h4>MS KERRY-ANN PLANT</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">MBA(Exec), ACMA, CGMA</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6202
Email: kerry-ann.plant@thoracic.org.au
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Kerry-Ann has over 25 years’ experience in accounting and finance and has worked across a diverse range of industries and roles in both the private and not for profit sectors in both the UK, Europe and Australia.

Bringing her passion for process improvement, technology transformation and keen interest in staff development and mentoring, Kerry-Ann is looking forward to leveraging her experience to help deliver sound governance and financial sustainability practices at TSANZ.

A keen traveller, Kerry-Ann started her career in the UK Government, before moving into the private sector, working in Italy and France as an accountant in the hospitality sector before moving to Australia in 2004. In Australia, she has worked in the IT, Hospitality and Mining sectors in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra.

Kerry-Ann is a Chartered Management Accountant and completed her Executive MBA in 2016. In 2020 she completed the Program for Leadership Development at Harvard Business School.

Away from work, Kerry-Ann is passionate about helping others and is training to be a personal development and career coach. In her free time, she volunteers at Greyhound Rescue and has previously volunteered on the planning committee for the Mother’s Day Classic, supporting women and families affected by Breast Cancer.

<h4>DR HAYLEY SEE</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BBiomedSc (Hons), PhD, GradDipPH</span></h4>

BBiomedSc (Hons), PhD, GradDipPH

Research and Policy Manager

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Hayley has worked in the respiratory research space for 15 years, with experience in administration, laboratory, healthcare, and military settings. Hayley has been a part of the TSANZ team since 2015.

Hayley has a cell biology background in respiratory medicine. She completed her PhD in investigating innate immunity in COPD at the University of Newcastle. Hayley now leads the research team at TSANZ supporting projects and registries, award administration, and translating research into policy via evidence-based publications. Hayley is passionate about supporting the research community and provides a linking role in the establishment of strategic partnerships, delivery of advocacy, and liaison between the respiratory community and key stakeholders. Working at TSANZ has sparked a developing interest in Public Health for Hayley and she is increasingly involved in public health advocacy.

Alongside her employment, Hayley has been a medic in the Army Reserve for 15 years and been involved in numerous deployments, including capacity building abroad and domestic security. Hayley enjoys intertwining her military work with education and her work life and believes each supports the other in her professional development.

<h4>MRS HANNAH KEEP</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BSc (Hons), PGCert, QTS (UK)</span></h4>

BSc (Hons), PGCert, QTS (UK)


Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6215
Email: hannah.keep@thoracic.org.au

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Hannah brings over 20 years in both the education and health fields. Hannah has a first-class Hons degree in adult nursing and has looked after some of the most critically ill patients working in a busy Intensive care unit in the UK. Identifying education as an area where she could make a difference followed this passion and became a qualified teacher. She has also completed post-graduate certificates in education and intensive care medicine.

Using her experience in both education and health, Hannah is working to advance the educational experiences and offerings within TSANZ. Working with key stakeholders and reporting to the CEO, Hannah is currently responsible for the Lung Health Framework project, overseeing its development and implementation.

Away from work, Hannah is a busy mum of three. She is a keen traveller and is passionate about exercise and staying healthy.

<h4>MS MANALI DEORUKHKAR<br><span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px">BDS, MHM</span>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6210
Email: manali.deorukhkar@thoracic.org.au

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Manali is the Clinical Quality Officer at TSANZ. Having worked in the public and private healthcare settings, she brings over 7 years of clinical and non-clinical experience in the health field. An overseas Dentist, she moved to Australia to pursue her Masters degree in Health Management with majors in Quality and Patient Safety from Queensland University of Technology.

In her previous role as the Quality Improvement Officer, she was in charge of implementing and overseeing the Comprehensive Care and Communication for Safety Standards in the hospital and managing various quality improvement projects. She brings to TSANZ her knowledge of the Australian Quality and Safety Standards and her project management skills.

At TSANZ, using her education and experience, Manali is working on a project to improve the quality and delivery of the Community Spirometry services and Competency. She reports to the Clinical Quality Manager and the CEO. In her spare time, Manali enjoys exploring different cuisines and reading books.

<h4>Ms Dina Ramsay<br><span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px">B.AppSc(MRS), PostGrad Dip Psych</span></h4>

Ms Dina Ramsay
B.AppSc(MRS), PostGrad Dip Psych

Clinical Resources Officer

Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6208
Email: clinical@thoracic.org.au

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Dina has a background working in various healthcare settings in project, research and clinical roles. She has an undergraduate degree in Medical Radiation Sciences from The University of Sydney and a postgraduate degree in Psychology from Charles Sturt University. Dina has previously undertaken some clinical research in respiratory disease and medical imaging and has an interest in respiratory health. She previously worked in healthcare accreditation at ACHS as a Project Officer, where her duties involved developing standards and guidelines for both domestic and international healthcare organisations.

In her current role as a Clinical Resources Officer, Dina’s role involves working with the TSANZ CCRS Chair, coordinating the working parties and the review of external clinical documents. Outside of work Dina enjoys taking her puppy for walks and visiting new cafes.

<h4>Ms Bharvi Maneck</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">MPH, MPhil</span></h4>

Ms Bharvi Maneck
MPH, MPhil


Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6203
Email: bharvi.maneck@thoracic.org.au

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Bharvi is the Research and Policy Manager at TSANZ. Her areas of focus are research awards, policy and advocacy and clinical quality registries.

She has worked on national clinical policy and guideline development, and advocacy in a range of policy areas at the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. At NSW health, she was involved in several projects including, the national biobanking initiative, streamlining ethics & governance applications in NSW and projects aiming to improve care for patients being treated for cancer.

Bharvi holds a master’s in philosophy and public health from the University of Sydney, where she was awarded a Claude Bernard merit scholarship.

When she isn’t lettering on her iPad, Bharvi enjoys exploring new cafes and going on hikes around Sydney with her husband and her fur baby.

<h4>...</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">...</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6209
Email: ASAR@thoracic.org.au

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<h4>MS VANESSA ORLOVICH</br><span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px">BHSc, MPH, and PhD Candidate</span></h4>

BHSc, MPH, and PhD Candidate

Registries Officer

Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6209
Email: vanessa.orlovich@thoracic.org.au

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Vanessa is the Society’s Registries Officer. She works closely with the registries team assisting with the maintenance of the TSANZ registries by completing tasks such as data monitoring and migration, providing registry administrative support, and promoting stakeholder engagement. She has completed a Bachelor of Health Science, and a Master of Public Health at the University of Sydney. Vanessa is working to submit her PhD thesis in 2023 exploring the sporting career transition process and the experiences of elite Aborigional and Torres Strait Islander, Pasifika, and Māori National Rugby League athletes at the University of Technology Sydney.

Vanessa began her clinical career working for NSW Health where she gained valuable experience within the mental health space. She has held various positions across local and state government which have enabled her to understand the needs and concerns of young people in Australia today. Vanessa has had multiple research experiences across clinical and community settings, with her interest in respiratory health sparked through her academic and clinical experiences exploring tobacco use and cessation and mental disorders.

<h4>MR CHRISTOPHER LE</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BSc, MPH (PP)</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6205
Email: christopher.le@thoracic.org.au

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After completing a Bachelor of Science (Human Biology) at the Australian National University, Christopher identified public health as an area where he could pursue his ambitions of making an impact on the population. Chasing after this dream, Christopher completed a Master of Public Health (Professional Practice) at The University of Sydney with Distinction. During his Masters degree, Christopher undertook an internship at the Ministry of Health, was a founding member of the Sydney University Public Health Society, and took on an editorial and research assistant role at the university where he made substantial contributions to consultations under his supervising professor.

At TSANZ, Christopher reports to the CEO and is responsible for the coordination of TSANZ’s policy and advocacy submissions, liaison with stakeholders, government, board, and members, and creation and management of a variety of documents, surveys, reports, and databases. He is also passionate about Information Technology and has made contributions to the upgrade process of many systems used behind-the-scenes at TSANZ.

<h4>MR MAX CAMPBELL</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BA (Hons), MA</span></h4>

BA (Hons), MA


Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6211
Email: max.campbell@thoracic.org.au

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Max is passionate about work and programs that directly help improve the community. Max brings 14 years of strong work experience with him to TSANZ, and has an extensive background in state government, particularly within the Human Services field.

At TSANZ, Max co-ordinates and manages lab accreditation, spirometry, and liaison with external stakeholders to ensure best practice in the field. He works very closely with the LAQC; liaising and building rapport with external stakeholders.

<h4>Ms Phoebe Pham</br><span style="color: #999;font-size: 14px">BA, MBA</span></h4>

Ms Phoebe Pham

Membership Officer

Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6204
Email: tsanzoffice@thoracic.org.au
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Phoebe joined TSANZ in July 2021 bringing her strong experience in customer service and office administration. After completing a Master degree in Business (Marketing), Phoebe decided to take on the Hotel Management degree to expand her knowledge and pursue her career in hospitality. Prior to joining TSANZ, Phoebe has experience working as an Admin Officer and Education Officer for non-profit organisations.

At TSANZ, Phoebe assists with all aspects of the TSANZ membership services, manages the membership database and communications. She also supports TSANZ Sub-committees, Special Interest Groups as well as Branches.

Outside of work Phoebe enjoys spending time with her fur babies, cooking and training at the gym. 

<h4>MS MELISSA CUE</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">...</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6206
Email: communications@thoracic.org.au

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<h4>MS EMMA ROBINSON</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BSc</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6212
Email: emma.robinson@thoracic.org.au
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Emma is TSANZ’s Research and Awards Officer. She coordinates all the awards and grants TSANZ offer, as well as assisting Hayley’s work with the research team. Emma brings to the role a high level of administration skills from previous working various customer service and admin roles, most recently as Customer Service Manager at a wholesale company.

Emma has a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biomedical Science and is delighted to find a role that allows her to combine her science background with her administrative and organisational skills. She has a keen interest in the promotion of disease awareness and research funding having lived with Crohn’s disease for over 20 years.

Outside of work Emma enjoys swing dancing, vintage fashion, and aerial acrobatics – her current favourite being lyra.

<h4>MS CAROLINE IULI</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BA, PGDip</span></h4>



Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6205
Email: caroline.iuli@thoracic.org.au

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Caroline is a Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer; her role primarily focuses on respiratory health policy and advocacy in New Zealand.

Caroline has a strong public sector background with over nine years’ experience in government policy, community engagement, project delivery, and working with Minister’s offices across the health, education, and immigration sectors. She joins TSANZ from New Zealand’s Ministry of Health where she worked on several key policy projects across the health workforce strategy and policy space.

Caroline is deeply passionate about social justice issues and the advocacy of forgotten and marginalised groups, and spends her spare time completing her Master’s degree and volunteering in her local community. She also enjoys travelling, staying fit and active, supporting her favourite sports teams, and has an interest in films and theatre.

<h4>MS EVANGELIE POLYZOS</br><span style="font-size:14px;color:#999">BA, GradDip(Arts), GradDip(EM), DipBus, Cert IV Training & Assessment</span></h4>

BA, GradDip(Arts), GradDip(EM), DipBus, Cert IV Training & Assessment


Extension Number: +61 2 9222 6207
Email: tsanzeducation@thoracic.org.au 

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